Quick-frozen sweet corn is generally made from immature sweet corn with a moisture content of 72%-74%. First boil the whole ear of corn with hot water or pre-boil with steam. The length of blanching time can be determined according to different varieties of corn, usually in 2-10 minutes. If the blanching time is too short, the enzyme cannot be fully passivated, which reduces the storage stability of the frozen corn; if the blanching time is too long, it will reduce the color and taste of the corn, and the loss of nutrients will also increase. Using steam to treat ears of corn, the effect is better, the treatment time is 5-7 minutes.

Take out the quick-frozen sweet corn to thaw, and the quick-frozen green beans are also thawed. If you use fresh sweet corn and fresh green beans, you need to cut the corn kernels with a knife, then put it in a boiling water pot and boil it for two or three minutes. Also like this. Carrots are peeled and cut into cubes about the size of corn kernels.

Heat a small amount of oil in the pan. If you use raw pine nuts, stir-fry the pine nuts over low heat, then add carrots and stir fry, then add green beans and corn kernels and stir-fry for a few times. Add salt and stir to taste. If you use cooked pine nuts, just put it again. A delicious pine kernel corn is ready.