Freeze-dried sweet corn

Corn is a common food crop in ordinary life. In summer, in the alleys and yards, you can see the smell of steamed corn. When it’s ripe, children like to hold a corn cob, gnaw, chew, walk around the house, and eat so much that it was the plain days before.
Nowadays, the abundance of material life makes these common crops no longer so rare. However, some people who are tired of all kinds of processed foods and advocate returning to the basics are beginning to cherish these grains that are the foundation of human survival.

Whole grains are good, but how to eat them? Can you eat some new elements and new ideas while maintaining their rich nutrition? For example, what happens if this corn is threshed and freeze-dried

We think it is very “novel”. The crunchy corn kernels, after freeze-drying and dehydration, still smell the fragrance of corn, the mouth is crisp and refreshing, and there is a hint of sweetness This crispness and sweetness are inherent in fresh corn, because this fresh corn comes from the fruit-type sweet corn in the Northeast, and does not contain any additives during processing.

Process for quick-freezing anhydrous corn kernels

Uses freeze-drying technology. The freeze-drying of corn is like this: first, the fresh sweet corn is quickly frozen in the freezer, so that the moisture in the sweet corn solidifies into ice crystals, and then it is placed in a vacuum drying chamber for “sublimation”–that is, the ice is directly converted into water vapor. This process only removes the water in the sweet corn. After processing, it can still maintain the color, fragrance, taste and shape of the sweet corn itself. It also retains the original nutrients and vitamins and minerals of fresh sweet corn because of its natural, Green, safe, and convenient, some people call it aerospace food.


How can you guarantee the quality of your frozen vegetable?

1, Always a pre-production sample before mass production
2, Always final Inspection before shipment
3, All raw materials come from our own controllable base and trusted farms
4, We ourselves do quick freeze and process fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh and nutritious of the product
5, Our factories strictly follow the norms of HACCP, BRC, ISO, FDA certifications

Can I purchase many kinds of frozen vegetables in one container?

Yes, you can. We accept Mix orders to knock together in one container we need products name and weight for each one so that we calculate the cost.

Can I get free samples of your frozen vegetables?

The sample is free, but the freight cost could be negotiated. Since frozen vegetables need to be delivered with dry ice by air and the cost is really expensive. But the freight cost could be returned if your order is made.

Can you help me make my own brand products?

Yes, we accept OEM or ODM orders and you can easily set up your own brands, we will try our best to your brand building.