Jintian Guocai is an enterprise that exports and wholesales quick-frozen sweet corn in Hebei Province. Over the years, Jintian Guocai has exported quick-frozen sweet corn to 37 countries and regions including Europe and North America. Among them, the sales volume of quick-frozen sweet corn in a US supermarket is more than 6,000 bags a week. Because of its health quality, delicious and nutritious and easy to eat, it has won the favor of consumers in more countries and regions.

When autumn arrives, the quick-frozen sweet corn of Jintian Fruits and Vegetables has entered a peak harvest period. The workers transport the picked corn to the production workshop. The workers in the production department will quickly freeze the fresh corn in strict accordance with the international organic standard processing process. Processing, after a series of sorting, cleaning, blanching and other processes, stored in a cold storage below -18 degrees, becoming a safe box of quick-frozen sweet corn food; organic corn after quick-freezing process retains its original color And taste, maintain the original nutritional value.

Jintian Fruit and Vegetable Company is committed to delivering more delicious and healthy quick-frozen sweet corn to people’s tables, so that people can eat safe quick-frozen sweet corn food throughout the year.

In the case of low efficiency of grain corn, fresh corn has become an important way out for the adjustment of the planting industry. Planting fresh corn is 2-4 times more effective than planting soybeans and common corn. It is reported that the output value of quick-frozen fresh corn is about 3200 yuan per mu, and the net benefit is about 1400 yuan; the output value of organic fresh corn is more than 6000 yuan per mu, and the net benefit is more than 3000 yuan, which provides an effective guarantee for farmers to increase their income steadily. The fresh corn industry is becoming poor The pillar industry for the local people to get rid of poverty and become rich.

Regarding the characteristics and advantages of the operation and development of our city’s fresh corn and quick-frozen sweet corn industries, Jintian Fruit and Vegetable Co., Ltd. is very suitable for the actual agricultural development of our city. The content is rich and comprehensive, the views are clear, the opinions are unique, and the operability and practicality are strong. The overall level of the fresh corn industry in our city has important guiding significance.