There are three health benefits of eating quick-frozen sweet corn kernels

  • Quick-frozen sweet corn kernels contain a lot of vitamin E, which can promote cell division, delay cell aging, lower serum cholesterol, prevent skin lesions, and reduce the symptoms of arteriosclerosis and brain function decline. Vitamin A in quick-frozen sweet corn kernels also has an auxiliary effect on the prevention and treatment of dry eye, bronchitis, dry skin and nerve paralysis, which are common in middle-aged and elderly people. Lysine rich in quick-frozen sweet corn kernels (very little in dry corn) is an essential nutrient for the human body. Studies have found that eating more quick-frozen sweet corn kernels can also inhibit the side effects of drugs on the human body.
  • There is more cellulose in quick-frozen sweet corn kernels, the amount of which is 6-8 times that of polished rice and flour. Plant fibers can maintain the normal ratio of bile salts and cholesterol, thereby reducing the deposition of cholesterol in the bile duct system and preventing the formation and occurrence of gallstones; plant fibers can also combine with bile acids in the intestine to form a complex that cannot be absorbed , Accelerate the excretion of bile acids, promote the degradation of cholesterol in the liver, which can reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and avoid the continuous deposition on the blood vessel wall due to the high concentration of cholesterol in the blood (abnormal blood lipids), which thickens the arterial blood vessel wall. The lumen is narrowed and atherosclerosis occurs, causing cardiovascular, cerebral infarction and coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; cellulose can also make stools smooth, foods containing more plant fibers can increase stool volume and stimulate the production of intestinal walls Peristalsis makes the stool excreted faster, which reduces the poison of the poison to the intestinal wall, so eating corn often can prevent constipation and hemorrhoids, rectal cancer, and reduce the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases.
  • When eating quick-frozen sweet corn kernels, you need to chew vigorously, you can exercise your teeth, and promote saliva secretion and firm gums. If the elderly have bad teeth, they can make quick-frozen sweet corn porridge to drink.

Although the nutritional value of corn is high, it is not allowed to eat corn for a long time. People who eat corn alone for a long time will suffer from vitamin P deficiency, such as rough skin and hyperkeratosis.